"Exercising Critical Thinking Part 1"

Hello friend Blogger. In this silent night, I will share your special tricks. Yes, although I wrote it for granted, but may be digested yes. Okay, because since I wrote already too late, go directly to the topic of discussion. However, it would be better I ask for your first yes. Consider.


Question: I would ask you, Do you know if the reason for the importance of skills in critical thinking? If you do not know about it, the better you read my review below.


Three things that make the importance of critical thinking skills:


1. The information explosion.

          Today many occurred a terrific explosion. Not the atomic bomb or a nuclear explosion, but an enormous explosion that public mengemparkan and vying for competitive create interesting information. But behind the information explosion, you would have to be really smart and not just smart, but needs to be smart and intelligent. This is important because of the amount of information explosion occurred is largely the source of many that are stale or outdated.


Besides may not be updated or not the latest information, resources may also incomplete. You need to read them properly to appraise correctly. Because if the resources that you get only half, of course, this will hinder your understanding in talking about the topic of accurate and are busy discussed.


In addition to two of these things, try to understand to assess whether the resources that you have got already justu credible or otherwise. Look for information that is completely reliable and not fraud or gossip. If you used to believe in the fact that you hear but did not refer to the source is obvious, of course, you would be mistaken and become a problem for you. Instead of honing information but misuse of information. Better not, this is not good. For that, behind the information explosion no important lesson we can take with regard three things, namely: a.informasi do not expire, make sure you're busy or being hotly debated in the ears of the community, b.informasi / sources of information should also be complete, c.sumber information must be clear, not confusing and should be the real and credible.


For that, you can use these three things well, if the last thing you noticed seriously, it is necessary to evaluate the data and the source of the information. By evaluating means that you have made an observation about something. Yes, evaluation associated with observation.

The ability to evaluate the course is required, then this ability will continue when deciding to use the right information requires critical thinking skills. Therefore, it is clear that highly developed critical thinking skills in students or student.

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