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Nothing feels Ramadan 1436 AH left us. It seems like only yesterday writers greet you with a shipment of motivation, literary studies, literature and articles that would be useful. Yes, well, today I write my experience while still attending high school.

We certainly know that everyone is different in the effort to achieve success. Not a few among them who failed because of a constraint and not a few who succeed. Friend, you must have felt the pain. There are hurt because they do not pass the National Exam, do not pass the college entrance favorite country, betrayed boyfriend and so on. Everything was certainly painful is not it? But know, behind it all there must be lessons that we can take.

Well, since we're talking the problem successfully, then the target is the actual author of the successful candidates, especially the youth as the future generation. I am well aware of the ins and outs of teenage life today. When it fails in having a romance or call it a breakup, it's hard to get up. Hello, anywhere until this moment still thinking arose from a breakup? Okay, why the heck not friends, but keep in mind not to drag on well into turmoil yes. Actually, why are we talking about love? Is not the subject we are now about success? Oh, yes writer almost forgot.

Right away, we certainly know what it SNMPTN dong? What? Also do not understand? What is pretending not to know? SNMPTN is the abbreviation of the National Selection of State University where every prospective student and the student who Hereinafter passed the National Examination Exams and High School level or equivalent who have had NISN (National Student Identification Number) and Password (Password) that is given from the school had the opportunity to occupy a seat in accordance majors and Universities were selected by vote of the committee system of the National Selection of State Universities by considering:

1.) The value of the semester report card 1 to 5

2.) Achievement owned by the registrant (Charter was uploaded with scanned first, but if there is)

3.) The value of National Examination

4.) Grade School

5.) School Accreditation

6.) Alumni of schools that previously received in the National Selection of State Universities.

That is my understanding of the National Selection of State Universities, please value itself between detailed or not, between satisfactory or convoluted. But that's how the National Selection of State Universities, in essence, this is the invitation that not everyone can enter. Ranging from clever man, half-smart to smart mistakenly accepted all existing opportunities. Relax, the evidence is much happened, intelligent person in the class, got rank the top five or even top three turns when the announcement came, eh did not even qualify for the National Selection of State Universities

There are also people who have dozens of certificates, diligently attending school selection results turned out to say "you are not accepted into Universities through National Selection for State Universities" However, there is a student who is mediocre, there alpanya, often sleepy in class turns passed the National Selection of State Universities. You must judge this all ironic is not it? Wait, you can not accuse one hundred percent of this is ironic because actually it's not ironic. Why do I say this? Yes, because people are arguably even super intelligent smart in class, in fact many are wrong to take the decision to choose majors and state universities.

There is a story taken from a random survey, we give an example of a boy named Andy. Many said Andi smart kid, intelligent, industrious and diligent saving the school even has become a byword in the school environment and the village of Andi. Seen from the actual report card grades good value. The highest value is actually Biology, English and Indonesian. In terms of theory and practice is arguably more prominent Andi and excel in these three subjects. Unfortunately, because the urgency of parents for their children can be a lawyer, then Andi also choose courses of law at the University of Gadjah Mada. In fact, in retrospect, Andi has been sacrificed for science. Why? Yes, because the legal department is the Department of Social Sciences. But for him it was trivial. Therein lies the first mistake that is rarely known to many people. Indeed, the Department of Natural Sciences can cross the majors to Social Sciences. However, if we can understand, the opportunities for a child entered the law department of Social Sciences Department of enormous than children Natural Sciences for the National Selection Committee of State Universities prioritize child Social Sciences to enter the appropriate department.

Andi turns choosing the legal department of Gadjah Mada University as the first choice. He did not consider carefully. The second error is because it is not consulted on counseling teachers. Certainly in every school would attend counseling teachers. But apparently not used to inquire about the choice of majors and subsequent risk. The third fault lies in the misunderstanding of parents, selfishness parents on Andi. Actually, this is the biggest mistake that should be known. The next mistake was not seeing alumni, accreditation and indexes school. Try to look carefully, whether there are alumni from your school ever and widely accepted on a course of your choice, or at least some of the state universities received at your destination earlier. In addition, errors can come from the people themselves. Yes, whether pure fault of his own Andi ?. Perhaps just as carelessly choosing majors, Andi did not consider which majors that match their interests, talents and abilities. Not infrequently in choosing majors, it makes the complexity that led to turmoil. So, when the announcement of the National Selection of Higher Education that reverberate, Andi severe stress. Though long ago he ambitious super strong and optimism that he will be accepted. But unfortunately he failed to enter the National Selection of Higher Education. But if Andi going to commit suicide? Try to ask the swaying grass.

After Andi I invite you to read the story Yahmin. Yes, there is a child named Yahmin. He was not clever, often absent, but still had a determination and spirit. Maybe he looks unremarkable, but a matter of understanding is still unreliable. Yes, it's because he's smart, but not smart. He thought carefully majors will be chosen wisely. A month before the registration of the National Selection of State Universities he lobbied counseling teachers, even bravely he faced four eyes. Not nervous, but firmly he believed when they heard the criticisms and suggestions of counseling teachers. He has consulted with parents, the result is he who decide for yourself. His parents did not dare to curb because she was firm. He recognizes his enemies if he chose law school and the University of Gadjah Mada as a first choice. He is sure to lose before the war. But he has the potential and know ourselves to be talents, interests and abilities he has. Yahmin happy to interact with others. He was sociable and familiar with anyone. When he was talking, his friends loved to listen. He was known to actually discuss and active. He was great to have the soul of a teacher. So that's where he decided to enter the Education Department. After much thought, at the time of registration of the National Selection of State Universities, Yahmin steadily majored in Elementary School Teacher, then he chose the University of Yogyakarta. Majors that as a first choice in the National Selection of State Universities. Yahmin actually not too optimistic, nor pessimistic. He did not want to bother and stay calm if not escape, but feel lucky and grateful when it is received. Do not forget he prayed. Oh, yes one thing, he turns to consider also accredited school, grade school, school alumni. It is important that he consider as very mature. Oh, it turns out he knows that first-class brothers and sisters there received at a state university of his choice. The amount is not much, but a few. He went straight into the pages of the National Selection of State Universities and register at its option earlier. Eventually more than a month, the day of the announcement of the National Selection of State Universities arrived, Yahmin feel excited when it gets a green background color on the page National Selection of Higher Education. Not only that, there is written the greeting, "Congratulations you passed the National Selection of State Universities, courses and college where you received is a Primary School Teacher Education and the State University of Yogyakarta.

What can we learn from two stories above, namely Andi and Yahmin? Of course you know not? From there the story Of course we can reap valuable lesson. Luck knows no smart or stupid, but because of the "LUCK" itself. The important thing is identify yourself, know your enemy.

Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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South Tangerang, July 5, 2015





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